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Application Architecture Framework

Bringing Your Business to The Next Level!
An applications architecture describes the behavior of applications used in a business, We focused on how they interact with each other and with users. It is focused on the data consumed and produced by applications rather than their internal structure.

*Video Motion Graphic by Beruang Studio, Applications Copyright by TCash

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Excellent Design

Made exclusively for you according to your wishes
Make your application unique using the best practices in UI and UX, including fonts, colors,and page configurations.
Make your application run faster, easier, and secure.

The application we made and developed is for Android and iOS

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A platform with built-in safeguards

We also protect access to internal operating system components, which helps prevent bugs from becoming exploitable. Finally, full on-device encryption keeps data safe, even when devices are lost.

  • Secure the data your app manages, and control access to your app.

  • Perform cryptographic functions like encoding, encryption, signing, and verification.

  • Protection in every layer
    layered defense leverages hardware and software to help prevent intrusions and keep users safe.

  • Each part of the Application ecosystem works together to build a strong defense that runs smoothly and effectively.

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*Video Motion Graphic by Beruang Studio, Application from Discon Holic

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Why Beruang Studio

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Powerful System Integrations

We offer dozens of integrations, including Google Maps, Mailchimp and many more. (*t&c applied).


Accurate Estimations

Delivery project with good responsibility and ensuring the goal is right on target.


Manage Data Dynamically

Manage your data company quickly and easily. We help business transforms


Database Optimization

Database optimization involves maximizing the speed and efficiency with which data is retrieved. Database designers, administrators and analysts work together to optimize system performance through diverse methods.


Actionable results

Extensive reporting functionality gives your team critical insight into process.


Evolution of Content Management System

Using the latest Original Management System from Beruang Studio which will make you manage content easily and quickly.

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